Thursday, July 14, 2011

Step 2

Hey everyone!

These image banks are great! Thank you all so much for jumping right into this with me!

I want to take a minute to backtrack a little bit and talk about how I think this process is going to work over the summer. Unfortunately, we're not all in the same room together, and because of that our discussions are slightly less organic. I think the best way for this to work is for me to lead discussions on this blog in a stronger way than I might have done if we were meeting in person--i.e. you're going to see a lot of posts from me that are like "let's talk about this now". I don't want this to become too stilted though, I want you guys to feel open to present questions and start topics of your own...I just know that (given the nature of technology and distance) if I don't drive the conversation in some ways, we're likely to end up with long gaps of time with no conversation because everyone's waiting on someone else to start up the dialogue. The other thing I want everyone to be really conscious about is this: when I present questions to you guys, I'm not looking for a "right" answer...I'm not trying to backhandedly lead you somewhere. So while we're having these discussions (and really throughout the whole process), don't ever try to guess what I want you to think/or do/or yourselves and know that I trust you. And trust that when I have a particular opinion about the way I want something to be, I'll say so. Hopefully this isn't all too confusing or too much, I just really want to keep things transparent, and let you guys know what's going on in my head.

Without further ado, step 2! Our next step is that I'd like us to all take some time to respond to all of these images. Make a folder on you desktop and drop them all in there, and then look at them together as a whole. Look for commonalities in color, texture, emotional content, etc. I want us to start identifying what we as a group feel to be the major themes present in this play, so that we can that begin to answer the question "What do we want to present to the audience? What do we want them to walk away from this play feeling?"
I guess I really identify water with this piece.
I think of this piece as underwater in many ways.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Home

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kaitlin's Image Bank

The pictures I found cover a lot of different topics from the play, but they all immediately struck me as relevant.


Chris Tamma's image bank

Here are just some preliminary images I really like. I'll post more throughout the week too.

Courtney's Image Bank

Here are some images that came to mind for me after reading "Breathe."

Janus, the two-faced Roman god of beginnings, transitions, doorways, endings and time:

Stills from Sigur Ros tour documentary "Heima" (Icelandic for "At home"):

Paintings by René Magritte:

Something random I found along the way:

All of these relate in some way to the sense of isolation and internal tension I got out of the play. They also share a similar palate of cool, muted colors, though this was entirely unintentional.

Jeffrey's Image Bank

These are just a few images that I've found. I'm gonna be updating this throughout the week as I find more.