Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keep talkin...

Great, we're off to a good start. Overwhelming, oppressive, trapped...all good adjectives, and definitely very present in the script, but let's dig a little deeper...

Are there times when the oppressive qualities of the script become too much? How oppressed do we want the audience to feel? How much of this oppression comes from the actors/the words and how much comes from the design (the space, the physical presence of the play)?

What are some other adjectives that come to mind in relation to the play? Clearly the Father is a very oppressive force, but what about the Child and the do they make you feel?

If you could pin-point the one thing that initially drew you to this piece artistically, what would that be? What makes you want to be working on this project? Why is it important? What do you want to convey to other people about this experience? 

I know these are really hard questions, but I feel that it's important for us to dig deep if we're going to produce something that we're all proud of. I want to push us all. 

For me this play is about presenting a life...a world...a family that is simultaneously vastly different from all other families but also very similar. I like to think that this play speaks to people about their suffering and their joys. There are glimmers of hope and happiness in the world of this play, like the splashes of color in our monotone images.

Let's keep talkin!


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