Friday, July 29, 2011

Thoughts, thoughts

Heyhey, sorry I've been sorta disappeared and not posting. I guess this is mostly responses to Skye's questions, but it's also definitely drawn fro ideas I saw in/ got from some of the images.

Initially, I was very drawn to the Child character- obviously all of the characters are really interesting and complex, but I agree with Lizzy that it seems like the play is from Child's perspective- since it's not necessarily happening sequentially, to me it feels like memories (of Child's). She is dynamic, while her parents are more stagnant, and she introduces an element of hope, however small and fleeting at times. While I agree that it will be sad to watch her cook and play, I feel like some of that sadness comes from her aloneness, and that aloneness is also hopeful. While the moments where she connects with Mother are also happier and hopeful, Mother always gets dragged back down by Father, where as Child does not.

Going back to the idea that the play is from Child's perspective or from her memories, and relating to the question of how we want the audience to feel, I think there should definitely be an element of oppression, and that the words and characters will have to be supported by the designs in order to make that happen, I see it almost as the audience on the outside, looking in, or maybe rather as if the audience is in Child's head, seeing things the way she sees them. I'm still not totally sure what I think that would mean for what we were trying to make the audience feel or how oppressive the space should be.

Obviously, those are just my opinions, and still sort of initial thoughts...but I'm interested in hearing if people agree or disagree...


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