Monday, July 18, 2011

Stuff I noticed

Maybe this would be better as a comment to Lizzie's images, but I figure if I write this as a bona-fide post, more people will see it. SO HERE GOES:

I keep seeing images of consumption come up again and again in our banks. I don't even mean this on any kind of metaphorical level (although we certainly all have a lot of things in our images, things you can buy, eat, throw away, burn)—but in the basic sense of getting overwhelmed by stuff. The hoarders, the underwater shots, the floods—these are all objects, but the composition of the images also reflects this aesthetic—half of our images are bleak and monochrome, but the other half are overwhelmed with color and shape. I'm getting Benito flashbacks, only the carnival has definitively turned evil.

This is all getting a little heady, even for me, but when I'm basically thinking is, this is a play with a lot of simple, clean language, with a lot of air in between everything, but there are oppressive forces everywhere. The dialogue might be simple, but the world in which the dialogue gets spoken is anything but.

I'll come back with more ideas when I have them. WOOT.


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